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Walter’s Weather Guard offers premium protection against the elements by creating an invisible, odorless shield on your footwear.  It acts as a waterproof barrier that repels rain, snow, salt and dirt while allowing materials to breathe.

  • Creates an invisible shield, while allowing the material to breathe
  • Suitable for all colours of leather, suede, canvas, fabric and nylon
  • Do not use on vinyl, patent, reptile and metallic leathers.
  • Non Silicone


Instructions on how to protect shoes:

> Using a simple spray application, hold the can upright 15-20cm from a clean and dry surface area.

> Spray in an even circular motion, ensuring not to soak areas.

> Allow surface to dry before wearing the article and re-apply as needed. Use in a well ventilated area.

General description:

Weather Guard creates an invisible shield that offers superlative protection from rain, snow, salt and dirt, while allowing the material to breathe. To apply, ensure item is dry. Hold can upright 15-20cm away from article and spray evenly in a circular motion. Do not soak area. Allow to dry before using. For maximum protection use regularly. May darken some leathers. Test first on small area. Our Weather Guard creates an invisible shield that keeps apparel, handbags and luggage looking like new.

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