Back-to-school: Simple shoe care for your kids

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Back-to-school shopping: Easy-to-use, eco-friendly products you’ll feel good about using on your kid’s shoes

Let’s face it, we’re all tough on our shoes. Especially our kids.

Playgrounds, sports practice, and gym class – not to mention, weather conditions – all add up.

Before you know it, there’s a trail of dirt across the kitchen floor, and a pair of muddy, grass-stained sneakers to blame.

But instead of simply tossing them in the trash bin and buying another pair, you can bring new life to the shoes they already have. Shoes that are cared for last longer. Help your kids put their best foot forward this school year with Walter’s Shoe Care!

Here are some shoe care essentials to add to your back-to-school shopping list.


  • Leather and canvas sneakers are great for active children because of their flexible, durable, and breathable material.
  • Dirty and/or smelly shoes should be cleaned promptly to avoid bacterial growth or shoe damage (mud can damage the fabric and stitching if left for too long).
  • Cleaning shoes significantly increases their lifespan.


Walter’s Shoe Care Sneaker Kit comes with everything you need to clean sneakers and casual shoes. This package offers an eco-friendly gel cleaner with durable bristle applicator, a multi-function suede and nubuck brush to clean shoes safely, and a soft, lint-free cleaning cloth.


Gel Cleaner 125ml





Suede Brush

Cleaning Cloth



Step 1: Use the multi-function suede and nubuck brush to remove dirt, dust and stubborn stains.

Before adding any product, it’s important to remove loose dirt and debris that can cause staining. Brush firmly and thoroughly using the suede brush, and erase marks and scuffs using the stain eraser block. The synthetic bristles of the suede brush are ideal for removing stains, and the rubber edging makes those hard-to-reach places easy.

Step 2: Apply cleaning gel evenly and scrub entire surface gently.

Revitalize your sneakers with cleaning gel. Release the gel by pressing down the red nib on the head of the cleaning brush. Work up a hearty lather of gel by mixing in a circular motion on a clean, hard surface. Test the gel on small area first, and ensure even distribution to maintain the natural colour of the shoe’s material.

Step 3: Wipe off excess with cloth.

The soft, absorbent, and lint-free cleaning towel wipes away any excess gel. Repeat as needed until complete.

Bonus: Complete the outfit with shoe laces. Your kids will be excited for a new look every day of the week, with over 10 lace colours to choose from. Available in stretch, skate, or curly assortments. Laces are available at select retailers including The Shoe Company or Hudson’s Bay.


Walter’s Shoe Care products can also be used to keep backpacks and jackets clean. Use our Waterproofing Protector to repel dirt and stains.


  • Clean Wipes: helps remove dust, dirt and salt stains in a pinch. Also great for backpacks!
  • Shoe Deodorizers: perfect not only for shoes, but also for drawers, gym bags, and hockey equipment. The activated charcoal from coconut shells naturally absorbs odours and moisture.
  • Shoe Freshener: peppermint-scented shoe spray, to quickly neutralize odours.
  • Odour Zorbs: air fresheners for your shoes!
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