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Suede Shoes

Shoes have their own nomenclature. Your particular preference may vary from brogues, boots, sneakers, loafers to dress shoes. But as some wise dude once said, it pays to pay respect to what separates your bare feet from the ground. Before your thoughts wander in the direction of bed and get you all excited let’s keep our attention focused on shoes, especially

the organic style savvy suede leather shoes. There are few other options to beat the ultra chic sleekness of a pair of suede shoes. Yet why is it that most guys are reluctant to buy suede shoes? They fear that suede ruins easily. Like all other leather types the secret for longevity and optimum performance of suede is in how you treat it.

Most confuse suede with the more expensive nubuck leather. The confusion is reasonable since both types are sanded to produce a velvety soft feel which is not associated with other leather types. The impact of suede and nubuck are highly desirable. The difference between the two is that while suede is sanded on inner layer of animal skin nubuck is sanded on exterior skin.

Walter blog suede shoes
Nubuck Shoes

Both are excellent choices for shoes though sadly both types are often underappreciated for their performance qualities. Since nubuck is made of tougher side of the hide it needs a particular type of brush for cleaning. Likewise suede shoes have to be cleaned with a soft bristled brush to avoid damage to its smooth nap.

Walter blog suede shoes

The two common damages on suede are through stain and mark. Luckily both seemingly impossible to repair impairments can be fixed with basic moves on your part. Liquid stains that typically occur during winter from salted sidewalks, roads and building entrances can be treated within seconds. All you need handy to keep your suede kicks in dandy shape is the Walter’s Suede and Nubuck Cleaner. Give your suede pair a quick spray before you take them for a spin in cold weather.

It is best to avoid suede during a heavy downpour. But we are not weather predictors. In the event of a good soaking the first thing is to let your shoes dry overnight after stuffing them with newspaper or paper towel. Brush your shoes with Walter’s Suede brush to revive the texture. Spray the Walter’s suede cleaner and wait for the foam to appear. Gently brush the surface until foam disappear and you have your kicks back to shining order all ready for yet another preppy day. You can follow the same process for mud, salt and other stubborn stains. With Walter’s Shoe Care Suede and Nubuck Cleaner you don’t need to stack up your tack with suede erasers, conditioners, water repellents or leather finish products. No man can make a wrong step in his suede clad foot no matter what the weather element is when he has Suede and Nubuck cleaner to restore the glory back. The allure and desirability of suede is so profound. You simply do not need to compromise your style tastes, visit our e-shop and discover how easy it is to maintain the intelligence of your overall outfit throughout the seasons.

Our Suede and Nubuck Cleaner is specially formulated to clean, renew and revitalize suede and nubuck shoes and boots. And it’s safe to use on all colours.

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