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Men have a strange relationship with their shoes. Unlike women who have a fascinating but flighty fixation on shoes, men tend to form a profound, understated but steadfast devotion to their favourite shoe pairs. The more mileage derived from his kicks the more intense his affection and respect for it. It is not an affectation or foppish obsession with shoes. But like one cobbler once said a true gentleman doesn’t feel well groomed and properly suited up if his shoes are not cleaned and shined every morning. Shoe shining is an important aspect of a chap’s sartorial regime.

With permeating recession it is a wonder how shoe shiners manage to keep their jobs nowadays. But as the same cobbler I mentioned earlier said, ‘there is no lack of dirty shoes recession or not’. Shoe shine is not just about continuing an ‘old school’ tradition or a military chore. It’s all about maintenance, your shoes as well as your image. Properly cleaned and shined shoes last longer and definitely look better than the scuffed variety. Despite everything there are vital reasons that legions of men continue to spruce up their shoes.

A first interview – Well shined tidy shoes are important for making positive impressions, especially at interviews. If you look at two candidates with equal paper qualification the interview board has to look further to make the right choice. And that involves taking their appearance into consideration. Think again, you put down in your resume about how detail oriented you are. Your interview attire with scruffy shoes makes a different statement. First impressions are important and they are often correct. Don’t compromise on shoe shine as it is a significant detail of your personality.

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Shoes are important to women; they are in-born experts on the subject. So why shouldn’t she measure you on the condition of your footwear. Your shoes play an important role in the dating game. Shine spanking shoes herald good outcomes while the scruffy types are certainly bad news.

A shiny swanky pair of shoes gives your confidence a terrific boost when you are psyching up for an important meeting. When you are meeting important people make sure your shoes are also in a condition to meet the public.


Anyone can shine their shoes like a soldier with the right kind of shoe polish. All you need is a brush, a clean soft cloth and wax shoe polish to get the job done. Get the shoes ready for buffing by brushing off dirt, dust and debris. Apply wax shoe polish sparingly over the entire shoe. Let the treated shoe rest while you apply polish to the other.

Using a horsehair buff the shoe all over bringing out the natural shine of leather. The more brush strokes the shinier it would be. The final shining impact of your shoes is to make you the center attention in the room. After all who can resist the sheer elegance and sophisticated aura of a guy in a killer suit and shoes shined to perfection?

There are specific things that men do not hesitate to splurge on. Shoe shine is an area where you should concentrate on getting the best stuff. Travel Walter’s Shoe Care Kit is a must have among many thousands of style forward men because each item is made to bring out the perfect mirror shine. It pays to remember you never get second chances for making positive first impressions.

Treat your shoes with TLC when you’re on the road! This luxury shoe care kit for travelers features a Genuine Leather zippered case packed with 6 different shoe care items.

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