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Those with an eye on fashion already knew it but recently market research company Mintel proved it for a fact. Men now outspend women in the footwear department. Mintel also established that males within the age bracket of 25 to 34 spend an average of £178 in a year on footwear compared to £171 spent by women in the same age group. With a whole new

generation of guys investing on classy brogues, Derby’s and Oxfords it is a definite sign that quality is particularly appreciated as young men look forward to reviving traditional buying patterns.  On a comparative note I’d say that men’s fashion selections are more often investments, whether it is a trendy overcoat, a killer suit or a ‘go-to pair of shoes. Typically such fashion items have never been as cheap to buy and they are created to last season after season.

Paradoxically those who make sound fashion investments also make the fast discovery that they have never mastered the art of properly caring for their investments. Gone are the days when fathers used to show sons how to clean and polish shoes, to get a sort of ‘you can shave in the reflection of your shoes shine’. I bet you can’t remember the last Sunday when you lined up your shoes for a hearty polishing session. Most men simply do not have the time or energy anymore for such fuss. But the fact remains a pair of clean leather shoes goes a long way in making your outlook perfect.

Though leather is a complicated material taking care of your leather shoes and cleaning them doesn’t have to be. If you are noticing stains in your shoes it is past time you pay attention to some leather cleaning best practices. While home remedies can work in many instances they can often cause bigger and mostly unnecessary problems. Thankfully you don’t have to risk your investment as there are guaranteed professional fast fixes to keep your kicks in splendid form.

Most home remedies can damage leather shoes accidently changing color and appearance. If you are uncertain of the process don’t use cheap hair conditioners, petroleum jelly or salts without ensuring if the product is compatible with the leather type.

Upping sartorial stakes through nifty shoe choices is one thing. But taking shoes seriously can be quite boring if you have to spend time poring over complicated manuals on how to clean different types of leather and how to identify what works right with what. You can easily sport a just-stepped-out-of-shoe-store look without having to spend an entire weekend polishing and shining your shoes. The purpose of Walter’s leather cleaner is to clean and condition leather for ultimate use. Walter’s all purpose cleaner is a premium choice among shoe aficionados. Starting from removal of dirt and old polish build-up to nourishing leather, prevention of cracks and ensuring a top notch shine the product has an unrivalled market reputation.

All you have to do is pour a bit of Walter’s leather cleaner to a clean chamois and rub it gently on the leather shoe for a high gloss shine. With just a couple of wipes the higher pigment concentration in Walter’s leather cleaner gives more than four times a shine than wax polish. And I repeat it takes less than 60 seconds! Now compare this against hours of drudgery following complicated shoe cleaning procedures and time wasted poring over instruction manuals. Walter’s  is an expert cleaner for your type of busy lifestyle.

With each investment you make on a new pair of leather shoes you are one step forward in attracting admiring glances your way. Protect your big investments by caring for them. Think hard, would you put standard gas in a Ferrari? So why opt for regular polish or risky remedies for polishing expensive shoes? Visit shop today and enjoy the magic results.

An ideal cleaner for all types of genuine and synthetic leather products, our Leather Cleaner also conditions to prolong the life of shoes, boots, handbags and leather apparel.

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