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Q: How to prevent leather shoes from cracking, fading and discolouration?

question submited by: Singh

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Leather is a skin, and to keep it looking its best as long as possible, you need to keep it moisturized. Dried leather can wrinkle, crack, or become a lighter colour, and is more vulnerable to being damaged by water and salt. Polishing your shoes is a great way to keep them moisturised, scuff free, and coated with an extra layer protecting the leather from the elements.

Apply polish to the shoe using a Premium Shoe Shine Cloth in a circular motion; watch out for stitching, laces, or outsoles that may be a different colour from the polish you are using. Buff the excess polish off the shoe using a Horsehair Brush; buffing quickly to get that signature shine. Repeat polish application and buffing process to get a brighter shine. Once complete buff shoe using a clean potion of cloth.

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Shoe Shine kit

Walter’s Wax Polish is made using premium ingredients to give the deepest shine and best protection on all leather shoes. Our Wax Polish is trialled and tested with the help of our shoe shining experts across Canada at our professional airport shoe shine parlours.

Our Perfect Shine Kit is filled with all the essentials needed to maintain the polish and shine of your leathers.

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