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The measure of a man is to be found in his shoes.  It’s a cliché yes, but it never fails to meet its mark in the impression department. A guy tries his best to lock eyes with a pretty girl on the street. She continues to stare intently at the ground near his feet. And he thinks she is overwhelmed by the attention. Did it ever occur to the guy that she may be checking out his shoes? The quality and status of those kicks on a guy’s feet goes a long way in making or breaking a connection. Fresh clean shoes will surely give her enough reason to check out the rest of the package. But right now, aside from keeping tabs on the impression department it is imperative for every man to have basic shoe care, shoe maintenance and cleaning knowledge.

  • The oldest leather shoes dates back to 3500 B.C. and was found in Armenia
  • The majority of hide for leather are contributed by cattle no two leather hides are alike.
  • Character of leather is shaped through heredity, age and environmental conditions
  • Leather is a by-product of meat industry facilitating creation of exquisite and valuable products out of what would have otherwise been discarded as waste.

One of the most standard damages to leather occurs during caring and maintenance stages. As an organic substance leather needs to preserve its natural lubricating oils and the skin needs to breath without obstruction. Saddle soap is one of the most commonly used remedies for cleaning equestrian tack. While it does a good job in cleaning and safeguarding against moisture saddle salt also strips leather of its vital natural lubricants. Never use harsh soaps, detergents, silicone based products and un-trusted home remedies to clean every-day leather shoes. They can cause the surface to crack, change colour and strip its natural glisten.

Regular treatment and condition of leather shoes help increase longevity and bring out optimum performance. The right cleaning and maintenance choices will have your leather shoes feeling and looking great on your feet throughout spring showers, summer thunderstorms to winter blizzards. Wet leather should not be dried under direct heat.

weather guard shoe protector

Good leather boots and shoes are not cheap. And cheap shoes and boots are not good. Leather takes quite a beating as you slog them through water, salt, mud and snow. Cobblers lining up the corridors of train stations were in days gone. Like so many other things in life today it has come to a point when you have to do it yourself if you want it done right. Still shoe care and cleaning is not a lost art and you can be so lucky as to indulge yourself with the right leather cleaning product.

Walter's best Leather Cleaner

There is a way to preserve your leather shoes to survive for many long years. Walter’s leather cleaner works 100% in removal of superficial stains scuffs and introduces a fantastic gleam that makes your shoes look just off-the-rack.  Walter’s leather cleaner is like a therapy that works equally well with any kind of leather thoroughly removing embedded dirt, organic residue and stains. Your personal choice may be to rock trendy high-tops or rugged desert boots or you may opt for dapper brogues, what every leather shoe have in common is essential care. Protect your footwear and safeguard them against multiple types of damages. Checkout Walter’s leather cleaner, the number one cleaner for all kind of leather.

Our Leather Care Kit includes all the essentials you need to maintain your leather goods; from cleaning to protecting your investment.

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