Rain profile blog weather guard
Rain profile blog weather guard

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. I like clichés, especially ones that remind me to take action on the spot. For example let’s relate the scenario against a gentleman’s most sought after style classic, a pair of leather shoes. We know that a guy’s kicks are made out of various materials but the most popular and best material is undoubtedly leather. Leather is timelessly classic, a fashion statement. Moreover, it breathes, shapes comfortably to the foot, lightweight and durable. Nature friendly leather is also a by-product of meat industry.

Being an organic product leather needs special attention from us. Most wait to learn this hard-way like when their favourite pair of brogues or Chelsea boots sprouts cracks.

Waterproofing is not an iron clad guarantee that your leather shoes are safe from all types of weather elements. But that doesn’t mean you have to think of daily polishing, weekly waterproofing or look longingly at the radiator when your priced kicks get a good soaking in a downpour. No, the radiator won’t help at all. So let’s focus on avoiding a very likely misfortune and learn how to prevent snow, salt, rain and other undesirable weather conditions from damaging leather shoes.

Water destroys the suppleness of leather. In-fact water is capable of cutting down lifetime of leather which would normally resist many thousands of flexes. Made out of animal skin leather is a substance of animal fat and proteins and thus contain vital traces of moistures even after tanning. The criss-crossing fibres provide its unique strength. These fibres are also

Rain profile blog weather guard

vulnerable to drying and cracking under mistreatment. Leather shoe users must make sure to minimize exposure to rapid water absorption and releases, to acids and alkalises. Yet the inevitable can always happen and there is no telling when you will get caught to wet weather while wearing leather shoes. The critical issue is quality of aftercare not the incident. Don’t heat your leather shoes in any way, i.e. radiator, drying cupboard or any other direct contact.

When you invest in a pair of leather shoes the best way to care for your shoes is to buy corresponding maintenance products. Not all types of products are geared to maintain the integrity of leather. That’s why it is very important to care for your leather shoes with Walter’s Weather Guard Spray. It creates an invisible shield for waterproofing, conditioning and enriching the colour of your shoe to make it look spanking new. Walter’s Weather Guard can be used for all types of leather, sporting shoes and a number of other fabrics. Your shoes get double edge protection from salt, snow, rain, dirt and liquid spills.

Mind you, Weather Guard is not a total waterproofing system but when used consistently it will help the leather become more water resistant. Meaning you can confidently take a walk in the rain with Walter’s Weather Guard on. No more waiting in line for taxis on rainy days because you fear your shoes might take a beating in the downpour. With Weather Guard from Walter’s you can hike, walk or jog to office, college or other without troubling yourself about muddy and grubby shoes. The product is ideal for application on sporting shoes. And I saved the best part for the last. With Weather Guard protecting your shoes all the way to office, gym and elsewhere you don’t have to come home to the dreaded chore of cleaning your shoes. So the plan is to use a trusted weather-guard to protect your investment, try Walter’s Weather Guard .

Weather Guard creates an invisible silicone shield that offers superlative protection from rain, snow, salt and dirt, while allowing the material to breathe.

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