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At Walter’s Shoe Care we believe in the art of the perfect shoe shine. We’ve distilled 120 years’ experience into a sure-fire method for giving your leather shoes the respect and care they deserve. We’ve done all of the legwork so you don’t have to.


The perfect shine always begins with clean, dry shoes. Using a damp Walter’s Shoe Shine Cloth, apply Walter’s Leather Cleaner to remove excess dirt and debris.

Wax shoe polish apply on dress leather shoes

Once the shoe has naturally dried, apply Walter’s Wax Polish sparingly to the surface of the shoe. Don’t go overboard with the wax. Even application is key to achieving the perfect shine. We recommend using our genuine Horsehair Brush to buff the wax evenly and remove any excess polish.

how to brush shoes

Let the treated shoe rest. You don’t want to overwork the leather and cause unnecessary damage to your kicks. While the first shoe rests, apply the wax to the other shoe.

Wax shoe polish apply on dress leather shoes

Using our Walter’s Shoe Shine Cloth, lightly rub the leather shoe over the entire surface area. The more strokes you use, the shinier your shoe will appear. But use a light touch, if you’re too vigorous, you could increase the risk of scouring the leather rather than bringing out its natural finish.

Once you’ve finished rubbing in the shoes, continue to use our Shoe Shine Cloth to bring out the leather’s lustrous shine. Wipe the entire shoe with the cloth but don’t rush a good thing. Be one with the shoe. The art of the perfect shine demands patience and care.

Buff shoe with cloth

Shining your shoes doesn’t have to be a chore. If you let it, a good shoe shine can be a nice way to unwind after a hard day at the office. Remember, shoes say a lot about a man, so steal a bit of “me time” and show your premium leather kicks the love they deserve, by immersing yourself in the art of the perfect shine.

Our Perfect Shine Kit is filled with all the essentials needed to maintain the polish and shine of your leathers. Value kit with 10% discount and Free Walter’s Bag.

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