What are cedar shoetrees, and why do I need them?
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Q:What does a shoetree do and what size do I need if I am a size 8.5 – 9?

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Our European Cedar Shoetrees are made with 100% aromatic cedar from the USA giving it an incredible cedar scent. The shoetrees will naturally deodorize shoes by absorbing perspiration and inhibiting bacteria growth.

Well that depends on how often that pair is worn, and what kind of conditions they face when worn. For example, that invisible shield may last 4-8 wears during the summer where it’s only exposed to some dust, rain, and the odd puddle. But that invisible shield may only last 2-4 wears when it exposed to the harsh conditions of winter with snow and salt. Allow shoes to dry for 24 hours before exposing to the elements.

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what do I need to shoe shine my dress shoes?

We suggest you spray you shoes & boots every 4-8 wears in the summer, and every 2-4 wears in the winter. The harsh climate of winter will decrease the life of that invisible shield created by Weather Guard. It is always better to be safe than sorry so be sure to spray your shoes often!

Specially designed to fit most types of shoes, our Premium Aromatic Cedar Shoetrees will keep them looking like new and preserve their shape for years.

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