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There are several important life skills a father should teach his son. From how to take a hit from a bully to how to make a positive hit on a cute girl and everything in between including shaving and shoe shine. Remember the times your dad spoke about his favourite ‘old school’ leather shoes that needed serious ‘breaking in’? How he used to apply mink oil and how the leather has softened miraculously so that he not only looked preppy enough but snugly comfortable when he walked in them.

Why mink oil? Leather is a highly permeable material and it gratifyingly soaks oil. However, not all kinds of oil substances are meant for nourishing leather and making it supple. For example olive oil which gives a quick suppleness to leather also accelerates its deterioration and leaves residue oily spots. Mink oil is the tested and proven oil for preserving finished and unfinished leather.

It is a natural substance obtained from fat of minks. It was the fur trappers who first discovered the benefit of mink oil for making leather boots water resistant and flexible. There are also the added benefits of adding to its lustre and longevity. Mink oil is very compatible with leather unlike other oil because it has a lot in common with the inherent oils of organic leather. Apart from suede, mink oil can be used in nearly all types of leather footwear including oil tanned, full grain and smooth finished leather. It is used for conditioning, preserving, waterproofing and weather-guarding against mildew, salt, mould etc.

Leather footwear styles of yestery ears are making distinct revival of sorts in men’s fashion today. It is important to have pair of leather boots in every guy’s fashion arsenal. With leather being an investment now more than ever it is also important to learn the art of protecting them for optimum wear. Mink oil should be applied on clean leather. Take a sparing amount of oil and apply evenly onto the leather. Wait for

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the oil to penetrate and gently wipe off excess from the surface. Mink oil is prone to darken the colour of leather and therefore is ideally suited for dark leather tones. Regular oiling with mink oil protection leather shoes from external abrasions from salt, water, snow etc. It keeps shoes in maximum waterproof condition so that you can walk your kicks to office on sunny and snowy days with no thoughts for unnecessary seasonal rests.

Shoe cleaning and polishing is an art, an acquired life skill to be proud of. A well cared for pair of leather shoes shows you have utmost patience, discipline and that you have passed with aces a task that is normally considered intolerable by average person. The person who you want to impress is sure to take note of your effort. The great news is that you can make your shoes shine to a mirror like polish and give them mink clad protection without going through any urges to strangle an elder who made you do the task and yes who made you good at it. The value of Walter’s Mink Oil Protector to leather is equal to the value of a best quality moisturiser to supple and healthy looking skin. You have seen how religious and ritualistic your mother, wife, sister or girl friend is with their chosen brands of moisturizers. Skin exposed to cosmetics, chemicals and other wear and tear of natural elements can easily become irreparably cracked and damaged. Leather reacts in much the same way. Your kicks are important to you. Take a leaf out of the book of those who do not think twice in using Walter’s Mink Oil Protector for ultimate effects of moisturising, waterproofing and conditioning leather. Your shoes look extraordinarily swell with some mink oil attention.

Mink oil can be used on all leather, rubber and synthetic leather materials. Works best on smooth finish materials.

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