Do you offer international shipping?

We do offer international shipping; however any additional freight and/or customs charges must be covered by the customer. Please email for more details.

What is your return and warranty policy?

If you are not fully satisfied with our products please direct any product concerns directly to our customer service team for assistance at

Do you offer gift certificates?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gift certificates at this time.

How long will it take to receive my order?

For more information see shipping details.

Is it safe to shop online at

Of course! Walter’s Shoe Care is committed to the highest level of security to ensure that our customers have a fully secured environment. Walter’s Shoe Care or any third parties will not retain your credit card information. More information are included in our shopping details section.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:



Does your Walter’s Mink Oil contain lard, lanolin, or silicon?

Our Mink Oil provides waterproofing characteristics for all types of leathers. It is a petroleum-based product made with synthetic mink oil (NOT real mink by-product). It keeps leathers supple and contains no lard, lanolin or silicone in the formula; however there may be small traces of neatsfoot oil.

Will Walter’s Mink Oil darken the colour of my boots?

Our Mink Oil will keep leathers supple and prevents your leathers from drying and cracking. While moisturizing and waterproofing the leather, it may impart richer tones and darken the colour of your boots. The extent of this colour change will depend on the type and condition of the material. Always test in a small area first.

Can I use Walter’s Mink Oil on furniture?

We do not recommend Mink Oil for furniture application as it may leave an oily residue on clothing or other materials it comes into contact with. For information on the best method to maintain your leather upholstery, contact the associated manufacturer.

Does your Walter’s Weather Guard contain silicon?

Our Weather Guard is a fluoropolymer based protector that creates an invisible, protective shield that effectively repels water and dirt. It does not contain silicone.

Do you offer any protectors that will not darken shoes or boots?

Our Walter’s Weather Guard is designed to be safe for use on all colours of leather, suede, nubuck, fabric and nylon. But with the numerous combinations of leathers and fabrics used on footwear today, we recommend to always test on a small area first.

Can I use Walter’syour Weather Guard and Mink Oil together? Can I use these products separately?

Yes, you can use Mink Oil and Weather Guard either separately or together as a means of protecting and conditioning your leather boots or shoes. We advise testing on a small inconspicuous area first. If you choose to pair both products together, we recommend beginning with a base coat of the Mink Oil, which you can use regularly to condition and waterproof your boots, followed by an application of Weather Guard to provide additional protection.

Is your Walters's Total Protector SprayWeather Guard safe to use on leather and various material, such as with a lot of metal on it? Will it be safe for metal details and not cause them to discolour in any way?

Yes, our Weather Guard protector is safe to use on all leather, suede, nubuck, synthetic, fabric, canvas, and nylon. The protector spray should not discolour metal surfaces but please always test on a small inconspicuous area first before applying over entire area. Allow to dry overnight. Some leathers may darken. Test on a small inconspicuous area and let it dry before applying over entire area.

Do you have shoe size breakdown for your shoe trees?

Please reference our shoe tree size conversion chart below:

Shoe Tree Size Chart

Shoe Tree Size Chart


Do you have a retail store outlet?

We do not have a retail store outlet, however you can find our Walter’s Shoe Care products and accessories on our ecommerce website; all orders over $45.00 includes free shipping within Canada. You can also find Walter’s Shoe Care products at Town Shoes, Shoe Company, DSW Canada, Shoe Warehouse, Tootsies and many other fine independent outlets across the country. If you are a frequent flyer, you can find a curated list of our shoe care products at our Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlours located at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and Edmonton’s International Airport.

Do you offer shoe shine services or repairs?

We do not offer any shoe shine services or shoe repairs in house.